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With the Cinemateca Ambulante, Laboral Cinemateca takes the cinema to the medium sized and small districts of Asturias, especially those in the east and the west. This quarter, some of the best titles of contemporary cinema will be screened in A Veiga/Vegadeo, Cangas del Narcea, Cangas de Onís/Cangues d´Onís, Caso/Casu, Colunga, Illas, Lena/L.lena, Llangréu/Langreo, Llanera, Nava, Navia, Noreña, Piloña, Ribadedeva/Ribadeva - Val de San Vicente, Ribadesella/Ribeseya, Siero, Tineo/Tinéu, Valdés y Villaviciosa.

The Cinemateca Ambulante provides the Cultural Centres with closed cinema programmes with four or six films at a very reasonable price. Laboral Cinemateca previously arranges all the permits and payments for exhibiting films with the distributors who hold the legal rights over the films.